Want to expand your teaching business and increase your junior members?


Want to expand your teaching business and increase your junior members?


What is a First Swing Caddy?

The First Swing team have designed and built a complete and unique software system for golf professionals, the system allows a golf professional to go about their daily business at their facility and trust that when it’s time to teach everything they need is at their finger tips.

This is what we call our First Swing Caddy.

The FS Caddy provides an end to end web platform solution to PGA professionals that will engage, excite and enrol new players. Our First Swing programs are perfect for girls and boys aged 3 -12 years old, they are fully inclusive and we invite any players with special needs to come and join the fun too.

The web platform is a one stop shop for golf coaches and parents. The platform covers the business end and provides all the tools required for a Coach all in the palm of your hand.


Skills You Need

FS Caddy is the perfect system to help drive your teaching business down the middle but it does require coaches/PGA golf professionals to be

  1. passionate about teaching (juniors in particular)
  2. a think outside the box attitude
  3. a go-getting drive to succeed

What FS Caddy Does Not Do

  1. FS Caddy DOES NOT provide students, we do provide marketing support.
  2. FS Caddy does not sell you the equipment, it is leased to you.
  3. First Swing does not guarantee your financial profit. It is based on your effort and a marketing partnership with FS. 

Trusted and Reputable Brand

FS has been operating for 7 years. We started with 1 program a week. We have grown to now teaching over 300+ kids a term in our weekly programs, over 20,000 school students a year learning to play and engaging over 50,000 people a year through our community activations.


FS use modified equipment in our programs, the equipment gives our coaches the best tools for all abilities to see results. Along with the modified clubs, we use alot of equipment already familiar to children through school during PE. We love hula hoops, tennis balls, markers and ropes!

Training and Support

FS will provide 2 days initial training, we are here to guide you not tell you how to teach. We’re all professionals, our job is to give you some added tools to expand and grow your junior programs. Full online support available through our amazing and trusted IT team.

Teaching Resources

FS provides lesson plans and FUNdamental games/challenges which is all available through our coaches portal online. FS coaches teach our programs through game based learning, making it fun and engaging is our number 1 priority.

FS$ Reward Program

As we have mentioned our number 1 priority is making it fun and engaging for our players. To ensure FUN and player ENGAGEMENT we have designed a rewards program with the help of our amazing sponsor Callaway. The rewards program is simple and provides the players an opportunity to be rewarded for doing well. At the end of each session the coach will run a quick challenge based on what the players have been practicing in their lesson, a prize pool is determined based on the number of players in the group. The winning player gets maximum FS$, awarded a novelty cheque and picks up a “Swinging Star” award. All other players earn FS$ based on their position. After each session the coach banks the FS$ into each players account with players having the ability to check on their progress via the leaderboard, and at the end of the term they redeem their FS$ for prizes with a yearly prize for the top player in each program winning a set of junior clubs from Callaway.  

Demo Leaderboard

For a complete detail leaderboard information see the main First Swing website.

Name Program Location YTD FS$
Tom FS Murwillumbah Golf Club $234,000
Betty LS Murwillumbah Golf Club $187,200
Becca LS Bulimba Golf Club $90,000
Sally LS Bulimba Golf Club $54,000
Bob FS Bulimba Golf Club $32,400
Brenton FS Murwillumbah Golf Club $12,000

PROGRAM LEGEND: LS | Little Swingers  FS | FUNdamental Swingers ES | Educated Swingers SS | Skilled Swingers

Our Pathway

FS is a purposely built business to help golf clubs and golf professionals engage potential new golfers through a range of different programs, starting from the grassroots up. Our Little Swinger and FUNdamental Swinger programs are perfect for the new to golf, golfer. We are the training wheels of golf, using the modified equipment and game based learning, anyone can play.

Little Swingers

$108 + GST | 8 week program

30 min lesson

FUNdamental Swingers

$124 + GST | 8 week program

60 min lesson

Mix’n’Up Swingers

$124 + GST  | 8 week program

60 min lesson

Junior Swingers

$124 + GST | 8 week program

60 min lesson

MyGolf School Golf Programs

$80+GST per hour

(set by Golf Australia)

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Demo Products

Online enrolment in First Swing programs is easy! If you would like to view the FS Caddy program from the "Parents perspective", select and purchase a program. Use the coupon code "Demo" to complete your purchase.

  1. select your state from the green tabs above THEN
  2. select your location to view all available programs

If you're interested in a program but want to try first, a FREE TRIAL session can be booked.

If you need assistance at any stage please call 0432 740 073 or email us using the form at the end of this page.


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The FS Caddy Platform

The FS Caddy Platform covers the business end and provides all the tools any coach or parent would want.


Business Management

  • Booking System with access via Parent and  Coach
  • Class Management
  • Coach Management
  • Student Database
  • Store Management for Vouchers & Products
  • Messages for Communication & Marketing

Coach Caddy

  • Scheduling synced to google calendars

  • Program Bookings & Payment Solution
  • Packages & Vouchers through dedicated Store
  • Student Progress Tracking
  • Messages for participants
  • Program Reminders

Parent Caddy

  • Student engagement
  • Student retention
  • Program bookings

  • Voucher system for bookings
  • Program notes from your coach
  • Skill scoring from your coach
  • Leaderboard
  • Send messages to coach

Manage Your Students

The coaches portal gives you ownership of your Students’ progress, allowing you to provide them with feedback on the four basic fundamentals. The feedback is done through a ranking system “Birdie”, “Par” & “Bogey”. The portal also allows you to record player attendance and the ability to communicate with parents through email.

Instructional Content and Plans

Each term the coaches portal will be updated with the upcoming term plan and new teaching resources (if available).


The coaches portal makes it easy to keep in touch! Which means your students and parents know you are fully committed to the program.

Simply click the book now button above and setup a time for a demo of the FS Caddy system. 

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Thank you to our amazing sponsors for your continued support and willingness to help us grow the game.

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